R-DATS’s Services

R-DATS can support your research, evaluation or programme from beginning to end as a full-service. We also support clients who do not desire a full service but rather la carte research, monitoring, evaluation, survey or statistical services, among others. R-DATS offers a wide range of services which include:

What We Do

Research and (impact) Evaluation METHODS AND designs
  • Develop or revise research methods and designs.
  • Impact evaluation methods and designs. These include Experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental research designs. We have expertise in the use of matching methods, regression discontinuity, difference-in-differences, most-significant-change (MSC), quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Others include large-scale cross-sectional surveys, longitudinal studies, case and cohort studies in various development and humanitarian sectors.
  • Literature reviews, scoping, proposal development.
  • Design or expert feedback on evaluation plans i.e outcome, process, programme and formative evaluations. We also conduct Need and Evaluability Assessments.
  • Design or revise data collection and M&E tools (e.g indicator tracking, interview guides and surveys).
  • Other related services
Data Collection and management services
  • In-person data collection using CAPI
  • Web and Telephone surveys including RDD using CAWI and CATI respectively.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection and data quality assurance (e.g. surveys including baseline, midline and end line surveys, FGDs, IDIs, KIIs, Observations etc.).
  • Digital survey programming using ODK, SurveyCTO, SurveyToGo, KoboCollect, CSPro and Enketo among others. We systematically link digital survey tools with Google sheets and other software to produce a dashboard of real-time data collection progress and update.
Statistical and Data Analysis Services
  • These include statistical methods, econometric models, demographic models, survey sampling, power calculation and analysis, randomization, advanced survey analysis using preferred statistical software by clients. Others include value for money analysis.
  • Measurement and evaluability of SDG indicators, analysis of existing data and database including household surveys including demographic and health surveys (DHS) and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS). See a sample of our blog using MICS data for Sub-Saharan African countries.
  • We pride ourselves with highly dedicated world-class statistics and Data Analytics team members who specialize in the use of various statistical and data visualization software such STATA, SPSS, R, Python, Tableau and Power BI among others.
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Systems
We support setting up a monitoring and evaluation system to ensure that the project runs effectively and efficiently, and result-based management (RBM) principles are adhered to.
Third-party monitoring
We support donors, organizations and agencies in monitoring their programmes and activities, and produce evidence of actual results on ground in West and East Africa.
Opinion polls
R-DATS Opinion Polling Unit (ROPU) captures the opinions of the general public on socio-economic topical issues. ROPU has capacity to design or refine opinion polls strategies and tools including phone bank set-up, while observing high data quality protocols and applicable local and international ethical standards.
Training and capacity building
We support organizations, government agencies and non-profits that want to invest in the effectiveness, future sustainability and ability to deliver its mission through capacity building. We offer trainings on research and evaluation methods, monitoring and evaluation systems, knowledge management, statistical analyses and software packages, data privacy training, among others. We don’t just train or build capacity of an organization, we follow-up to assess the impact of the training using appropriate evaluation methods.
Roster of consultants
We provide rosters of highly skilled and experienced local and international consultants to support organizations and agencies.

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